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The Center fundraises for and implements outreach programs, which send yoga and meditation instructors out into the community to work with at need populations. These classes we offer are completely free to the participants. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer, or have a connection with a group which we might be able to assist, email

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Then select “non-profit donations” from the menu. To give in a different amount from those listed, you can write a check payable to “Raja Yoga and Meditation Center of Greater Philadelphia.”

Checks can be dropped off at the studio or mailed to our business office: C/O Wes Tudor, 2104 Pemberton St., Philadelphia, PA 19146

If there is a specific program you wish to support, you can write it on the check or email with your preference. You will receive a letter from us making your donation tax deductible.

$40 covers one class
$100 covers supplies for 6 students
$625 covers a class for 3 months
$1250 covers a class for 6 months
$2500 covers all expenses for a class for one year

In our first year we have begun the following programs:

Chair Yoga and Meditation For Low Income Seniors

outreach at senior's center

At the Courtyard At Riverview, located at 4th St. and Washington Ave., our instructors lead roughly 5-15 seniors in gentle chair yoga, breathing, and meditation every Thursday afternoon. We work with a social service coordinator provided to the senior’s center by another non-profit organization, Better Tomorrows.

outreach at senior's center

The seniors love Courtney and Kathy, our two instructors who alternate every other week. Here you see Courtney who came in to do an extra class for them as a part of a wellness fair. The gentle movements and stretches help the seniors maintain posture, strength, mobility, and decrease pain levels. Here is what one woman has to say…

“The yoga class has helped me with my breathing, and I can see the improvement since I joined the class one month ago. I’m also more conscious of my posture, how I sit, how I walk, and my shoulders are more relaxed.”- Shirley Dominique, age 79.

Yoga For HIV and Addiction

outreach for substance abuse

Here at The Community Living Room, on Broad St., our instructors Scott and Jonathan teach yoga to individuals who are HIV positive and have substance abuse issues, as well as psychiatric disorders. The Community Living Room is an intensive outpatient program run by Cohmar, a nationally known organization.

Yoga For Middle-Schoolers

At the Chester Arthur School, located on 20th and Catherine, our instructors offer an after school yoga program for seventh and eighth graders as well as the teachers and administrators of the school. Yoga and meditation has been shown to improve test scores and decrease behavioral issues.

The School is only two blocks from Raja Yoga and we are excited about helping to make a difference right in our own backyard. Chester Arthur is an underfunded public school with a very active parent support organization which connected us with this opportunity.

Yoga For Elementary School Children

At Greenfield Elementary School, our instructor runs continuous six week modules to expose different grade levels and a large number of children to yoga. We hope this early exposure will both help them in school and kindle an interest in yoga which may benefit them throughout their whole lives.

Yoga For Refugees In South Philly

In conjunction with Mural Arts and Southeast By Southeast, Raja Yoga and Meditation Center is thrilled to be offering yoga to Asian refugees at their community center on 8th and Snyder.  Many of the refugees are ethnic Hindus originally from Nepal who have been ethnically cleansed from Bhutan, and now call South Philly their home.  As yoga is something they consider a part of their heritage, they are grateful to have an opportunity to learn and practice in America.  They are living in low income areas, and we are thrilled to be able to provide a class for them which helps them deal with the stress of relocation as well as strengthen their sense of community.

Guided Meditation For Radiation Therapy Patients

At The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, we offer guided meditation to patients either before or after their treatment in the Radiation Therapy Department.  Treatment for cancer is dreadfully stressful, and navigating the medical system often overwhelming, but a 20 minute guided meditation with our expert instructor brings an element of peace and comfort to individuals going through this ordeal. 

Yoga Classes For Families At Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania

At the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, Raja Yoga now offers yoga classes for the children’s families.  Families spend a lot of time with their sick children at the hospital and the experience is always draining and stressful, so we are happy to offer something to strengthen, nourish, and help people better cope with the situation.

One Time Outreach Events

This year, we sent instructors to give a one time class or presentation for the following:

Widener College youth leadership program weekend retreat.
Temple University stress management class.
Greenfield Elementary Mindfulness Meditation parent group
Boeing Asian American Professional Association
HUP Radiation Therapy biannual manager’s meeting

*Additional Programs In Development For 2017

Meditation For Patient Families
Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvannia

Yoga For the Children of International Refugees
Southeast  by Southeast Community Center

Yoga In the Philadelphia Prison System
With The Transformational Yoga Project

Each program costs $2500 per year to implement and maintain.

$40 covers one class
$100 covers supplies for 6 students
$625 covers a class for 3 months
$1250 covers a class for 6 months
$2500 covers all expenses for a class for one year

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