Wes Tudor has been practicing yoga since 1992 and became a Himalayan Institute trained yoga teacher in 2006. Prior to that, he studied meditation and biofeedback in San Francisco, while also completing a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. In 2001, he traveled to India for the Maha Kumba Mela festival and did intensive practices on the Ganges for one month. He teaches in the Hatha yoga style, and brings an expertise in meditation and guided relaxation to his classes. Wes has an undergraduate degree in cello performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of music.

Ashley King certified through Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia and teaches in the Vinyasa style. Her Wednesday 7:30 p.m. class is flowing and can provide a challenge. She also teaches at Hawthorne Yoga and Reiki. Ashley is a holistic psychotherapist, Reiki practitioner, and writer. Her practice is located in the Camac Center behind the 12th Street Gym. Visit www.ashleykingtherapy.com

Erin Zuccaro certified through the Nosara Institute in Costa Rica in 2008, and in children’s yoga through Karma Kids. Her Vinyasa Wed at 6 p.m. integrates asana with pranayama, and helps you find stillness and a meditative mind within the flow. Erin has a background in education, which comes out in her classes as passion for both teaching and experiential learning.

Jennifer Shipman completed the Raja Yoga teacher training program in 2011, and also the Raja Yoga apprenticeship program. She teaches the Thursday evening 6:00 p.m. hatha class. Her balanced and soothing style will help you unwind and get ready for the next week. Jennifer is a developmental director for a local non-profit organization.

Annie Brogan completed the Raja Yoga teacher training program in 2011. Her Sunday 8:30 AM vinyasa class is an unrushed flow filled with humor and compassion. The class allows students to cultivate awareness of not just body, but also mind and breath. When not practicing yoga, Annie is a history of medicine librarian at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.


John Ghazvinian has been practicing yoga for 15 years, and was certified with Raja Yoga in 2012. John teaches a gentle, supportive style, emphasizing mind-body awareness and attention to subtleties. His class is ideal for beginners, but also for experienced practitioners who want to slow down and unwind at the end of the week. John is also a published author, who writes on history and international relations.


Sarah Houck completed the Raja Yoga teacher training program in 2012, and teaches on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. Her class is in the Hatha tradition, with an emphasis on creating an environment of healing and peace, which she brings from her additional study of Restorative Yoga. Sarah is currently pursuing her RN degree in order to become a pediatric nurse.

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Scott Tozer received his certification through the Raja Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2013. Scott uses Mudras as part of his energy-focused Hatha class, encouraging the mind-body collaboration throughout the practice with humor and heart. When not practicing yoga Scott is a Sign Language Interpreter and a Level One Reiki Practitioner.

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Andrea Behler completed the Raja Yoga teacher training in 2013. Her 6 pm Monday evening Vinyasa class is rather challenging, but is compassionate and places an emphasis on effort over expectation. Her class aims to encourage the unification of body, mind, and spirit through intention and presence. Andrea is a passionate kindergarten teacher and artist.

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Monica Kriso studied both Vinyasa and Yin with Corina Benner at Wake Up Yoga, and has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Drexel. Her classes are grounding and peaceful, provide a safe space for students to look deeply inward with compassion, and are taught from the heart. She inspires students to trust in their intuition, to sense the perfection of their unique existence, and to simply feel more alive in this life. Visit: www.monicakrisoyoga.com

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