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Anatomy of the Chakras
Victoria Guidi
Sat, August 12th
2-5 p.m. $40

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The chakras are spinning wheels of subtle energy within the body. There are seven main chakras that reside along the body’s central energy channel, each corresponding to a different aspect of our being and connecting to certain anatomical structures in the physical body. When a chakra becomes blocked energy is not able to flow, thus preventing us from opening to our highest potential. In this 3 hr. workshop, we will: 
  • Explore the element, sound, and color associated with each chakra
  • Discuss the issues and characteristics (balanced/excessive/deficient) of each chakra
  • Practice sensing, feeling and mobilizing the anatomical structures of the chakras
  • Identify the organs, muscle, nerve and glands associated with each chakra
  • Discover common chakra imbalances and ways to promote health of the subtle body
  • Practice an asana sequence with guided mudra and sound meditation for the energetic system. 

Moon Salutation Workshop
Kathy Revelle
Sat, August 19th
2-4 p.m. $30

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Come join us for an afternoon of practice focused around the Moon Salutation, or Chandra Namaskar!

We will begin by discussing the cycles, qualities, & energies provided by the moon.  We will learn how the wisdom of the moon relates to the inner rhythms of our own emotional and physical bodies.  We will learn how to use the moons natural cycles to set your own personal intentions for creativity and personal growth.  After discussing the moon, we will embrace all she has to offer us and then set personal intentions for transformation.  We will then channel the calming & cooling energy as we graciously flow through several moon salutations, followed by a chanting of the moons mantra.  The gentle flow and calming qualities of the moon salutation make this workshop acceptable for all levels of practice.

Bring you body, mind & spirit and be prepared to dive into some lunar wisdom!

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