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Introduction to Meditation
October 25th, Sat 2:30-5:30 p.m.

Start to de-stress! In this introductory workshop you will learn:

* To sit in a comfortable meditation pose, either on the floor or in a chair.
* A short hatha routine (9 poses) to prepare you for practice.
* To breath slowly and deeply using the diaphragm, an essential prerequisite to meditation, and an important life skill.
* The difference between contemplation and meditation techniques.
* A simple mantra to use in meditation which is coordinated with the breath.
* To understand the 8 limbs of Raja Yoga, and the place of meditation within.
* To identify and remove many of the common obstacles to effective meditation.

Cost of the workshop is $75, or $60 for those with regular class packages. For more information see the MEDITATION page of the website. If you cannot attend this date, but are eager to join the program, a private instruction session can suffice for the prerequisite to attend the weekly classes, or another workshop can be added to the schedule if there is sufficient interest.

Fall Chakra Awakening Series with Mary Harju
October 26th, Sunday 2-5 p.m. (workshop #2)

This series of 3 workshops is designed to help you tune into the subtle energies at work in your yoga practice. Through developing sensitivity to each of these major energy centers, or Chakras, and learning about the distinct characteristics of each, you will awaken to new possibilities in your practice and in your life. The October workshop focuses on the Heart Chakra and will include asanas, pranayama, aromatherapy, and guided meditation. Bringing greater awareness to the chakras will help you manifest what you need in your family, relationships, career, health, and physical body, as well as raise your yoga practice to a higher level. The third workshop in the series will be offered in November. They can be taken individually, one need not attend one to attend the others.

Cost is $40, or $30 for regular class package holders.

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